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Explore key global events on the horizon that could subtly shift or significantly shake up the financial markets using our economic calendar.

  • Fully customizable
  • Tracking of the exact data
  • Apply filters to refine results

Forex Calculators

Using our incredible forex calculators, you can streamline your trading process. Saving you time so you can focus on your trading decisions rather than long calculations. With our free currency converter, you can convert currencies in real-time. Major and minor currencies, as well as precious metals, can be converted.

  • Calculate margin and pips
  • Calculate live exchange rates
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Bank Interest Rate Calculator

One of the best interest rate calculators is provided by Forex solutions. We provide you with a dependable resource to keep track of your outstanding liabilities.

  • Saves you from the troubles of opting for a manual calculator
  • Immune to error

Market Open Hours

What time does the foreign exchange market open? To see the open and close times of the main forex trading sessions in your own local time zone, use the Forex Market Time Zone tool.

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Major World Bank Holidays

We provide you with a calendar designed specifically for forward foreign exchange and derivatives markets. An easy-to-use international directory of bank holidays affecting the world's financial markets at your fingertips.

PIP Calculator

Our pip calculator will tell you how much a pip is worth in the currency you're interested in trading. This data is essential for determining whether or not a trade is worth the risk, as well as managing that risk appropriately.

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Our in-house team has created a cutting-edge mid-ware technology with modular components such as a back-office, risk management dashboard, and liquidity aggregation tool. It is widely regarded as the leading technology solution for regulated, institutional clients around the world, and it is increasingly being used by banks, as well as established and upcoming brokers. It gives them all of the tools they need to run complex operations and can scale to meet their current and future needs.